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If you have never seen an alternative medical practitioner previously, it is important that you know how my practice may differ from what you have experienced before. Traditional Chinese medicine treats the “whole person” and the underlying root causes of imbalance. Using acupuncture, herbal medicine, spirituality, whole food nutrition and nutritional counseling and instruction, I will help you to not only understand what imbalances you may be experiencing, but how to implement gradual, permanent changes to improve your health, while educating you regarding why and how these changes should and will take place in your body.


I use physical examinations, laboratory testing, nutritional, symptomatic and dietary assessments, and extensive questioning. I consider supporting, encouraging and motivating you through this process as an essential part of my work. Every treatment plan is individualized to your specific health needs and goals.

My specialties include:

spiritual counseling in cave creek, az
wholefood and herbal supplementation in cave creek, az
crystal healing education
Holistic Wellness
We offer dream analysis in cave creek, az
  • Spiritual counseling

  • Intuitively guided information dissemination

  • Energetic training and education

  • Dream analysis

  • Tarot readings

  • Channeled guidance 

  • Expansive mind, body, soul integration

01. Spirituality
Service 1
nutritionist in cave creek, az
  • Dense, wholefood, nutritional education

  • Lifestyle integration guidance

  • Cooking classes

  • Food intake guidance

  • Toxins in the food supply education

  • Microbiome A-Z

  • Wholefood and herbal supplementation education

02. Nutrition
Service 2
reiki in cave creek, az
03. Holistic Wellness
  • Acupuncture

  • Chakra balancing

  • Tui-na

  • Reiki

  • Crystal Healing Education

Service 3

"Lauren supported me through the journey of regaining my physical health, helped me create a strong mental state and transformed and uplifted my emotional wellbeing. She did all of this while also helping me learn how to create healthy relationships in my life and with myself. Lauren also continues to inspire me to spiritually grow and evolve into the best authentic version of myself. As I said before, I could go on forever about what a beautiful person Lauren is inside and out but all I can hope to evoke in each person that reads this is if Lauren has come into your life, take that as a special sign because she can and will change your world beyond what you could ever imagine. I will forever be grateful to have her in my life and can say with absolute honesty that I regret nothing in my past because that journey led me to Lauren. "

mind, body, soul wellness in cave creek, az
More Patient Experiences

"Lauren is such an empowering person, she has taught me so much through our sessions. I’ve learned about the things in my life effecting my habits, my mind, diet, and the cause of the pain in my body. She really knows what she is doing, I trust her very much and highly recommend her services! Her ventures into tarot and chakras has really been expansive for me spiritually. She has positively changed and even saved my life by helping me to see for myself how to make the needed changes." 

- Michella

"The Medicine Woman, Lauren Hurst Daem, is by far the most knowledgeable and most valuable practitioner that I have had the pleasure of working with. Her extensive experience in nourishing the body from within to address acute or chronic dysfunction is so beneficial when living in the fast pace western world. Especially when trying to avoid pharmaceuticals that Western Medicine often prescribes. At Attune Integrative Medicine, every detail of your experience has been considered. From the beautiful treatment room, the thorough intake, the relaxing hands on session, and the top quality products she has available for immediate purchase. I highly recommend making an appointment when you feel ready to take proactive steps in your health and wellness journey."

- Jenna



"The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you’ll need tomorrow."

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