If you have never seen an alternative medical practitioner previously, it is important that you know how my practice may differ from what you have experienced before. Traditional Chinese medicine treats the “whole person” and the underlying root causes of imbalance. Using acupuncture, herbal medicine, whole food nutrition and nutritional counseling and instruction, I will help you to not only understand what imbalances you may be experiencing, but how to implement gradual, permanent changes to improve your health, while educating you regarding why and how these changes should and will take place in your body.


 I use physical examinations, laboratory testing, nutritional, symptomatic and dietary assessments, and extensive questioning. I consider supporting, encouraging and motivating you through this process. an essential part of my work . Every treatment plan is individualized to your specific health needs and goals.

 Each person is a wholly unique individual requiring treatment honoring this distinctiveness.

 Education is the cornerstone of growth and change.

 Optimal health is the balance of body, mind and spirit and is a continual lifelong process and unfolding.

 Care  requires a collaborative and cooperative dialogue, assessment and continually evolving treatment

The Report of Findings or evaluation is based on extensive questioning by Lauren. You will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire sent to you prior to the visit.  

A physical exam will then be given in the office. Lab work is often suggested in order to get a clearer picture, such as blood work and hair analyses. These tests can be very informative, which will direct Lauren towards a more individualized treatment plan. Each and every visit is a doorway to opening up new possibilities. 

 Office visits are approximately 2 hours

New patients        $295

Follow-Ups            $100

Attune Integrative Medicine
Cave Creek,Arizona